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Lord, You were faithful to fulfill all things on the cross. Help me not shrink from my own duty when it becomes difficult.

Look to the cross of Christ—behold the man.

The eyes that saw creation’s light burn bright

Darken in a visage barely human

As Sun’s pause shows homage in day as night.

The knees that bent to honor His Father

Are scarred from falls under torture’s device.

The weight of wood made heavy by man’s sin

Pressed firmly down in payment of sin’s price.

The heart which beat for love becomes like wax.

His humanity expires with each beat.

The lungs work hard to breathe and speak what’s left

His final lessons are a glorious feat.

God as man is mortal, His friends to save

Life spent from birth-cave to an empty grave.

Look to the cross of Christ and see His pain.

Sacred Head crowned with cruel torture device.

The One who broke no reed now hung and slain.

His clothing strewn and bought by rolling dice.

Hands which healed now held by cold, piercing nails.

Surrounded by angry mobs and few friends

God-in-flesh, His body is very frail.

His life is coming to a “curséd” end.

The feet that stood firm in truth and wisdom

Now nailed to the tree of life for all men

That men may come to share in the kingdom

And all may find joyful rest in Heaven.

He speaks to teach and give pardon and peace

Fulfilling all foretold down to the least.

Look to the cross for the mercy of God.

Dead in our sins, we raised up doleful prayers.

A price too high, our will was weak not strong.

Deserving our fate, we trudged in despair.

Justice in truth is judgement well-deserved

Blind as we were to Your love for Your own.

We who had pledged to keep Your word had swerved

In our obstinance, we should be disowned.

In our wickedness, You never lost heart

Coming in flesh, You dispelled our misery.

Before the judgement throne You took our part

That from sin we would find delivery.

Our souls stained with the blood of the prophets

You came to save us as You had promised.

Look to the cross of Christ and see our joy

Bearing the punishment his people earned.

Sinless Himself by death our sins destroyed

The guilt of man taken by God’s own Son.

He saved those who longed for eternal life

Giving His own in sacrificial rite.

Love displayed for Her who is Church and wife

Led to slaughter, He died without a fight.

The life foretold and born in Bethlehem

At the Jordan the Father called You, “Son.”

Calling people to unity in Him

Baptism and cross bring about redemption.

In Him God and man have been reconciled

He toasts with a reed of hyssop and bile.

Look to the cross of Christ for love displayed.

The face of kindness disfigured by blows.

Jesus, Man of Sorrows, a friend betrayed

Transfigured beauty crushed by Heaven’s foes.

Our Lord expresses love beyond our hearts

For God so loved the world He sent His Son.

Dying is not the end but a new start

That the world might be saved and sin undone.

Lamb of God who from our sins would save

And reconcile all people joined in Him

Came to give that life for all who believe

Sacrificing in love for those who shunned.

Where He has gone, He bids us come with Him

Continuing the song in joyful hymn.

Look to the cross of Christ and see our hope.

What was done to the Head of His body

Is carried onward to the hands and toes.

Following Him, we may become bloody.

As Moses struck the rock, Longinus pierced

And life and grace poured forth for believers

That we may be an offering flawless

To do the will of God in love and peace.

It was finished, the sacrifice is done

But the work of salvation continues.

Sancitified by Him, we call all to come

To find salvation in a life renewed.

May all who see the good we do be awed

And say, “Truly, they are children of God.”